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The determination as to the appropriateness of any model restraint, is the responsibility of the facility and it’s professional/ medical staff . Individual requirements will vary and a complete assessment of each person’s specific situation and condition, as well as, of current regulatory guidelines, should be implemented before any decision is made regarding the choice of a particular product.

Cushion Belt 9700 9701 9702

Cushion Belt 9700 9701 9702

Cushion Belt W/Quick-Release Buckle 9701

Cushion Belt W/Adjustable Loop 9702

NYOrtho Cushion Belts

NYOrtho Cushion Belts provide both safety and comfort while in a wheelchair, preventing forward sliding as well while maintaining patient position while seated.


RECOMMENDED USE: Patients who are at risk for forward sliding or require a reminder to seek assistance with ambulation.

  • Softly padded belts help position patient and reduce sliding
  • A reminder to seek assistance with ambulation
  • Closure available with easy to use ties, adjustable loop attachment, or quick-release buckle
  • Tie closure may be used with wheelchair or bed
  • Water-resistant taslon fabric
  • One size fits all
  • Machine washable

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Standard Sizes

Style Unit Wheelchair Bed
Ties Each 9700 9700
Quick-Release Buckle Each 9701 N/A
Adjustable-Loop Each 9702 N/A