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Oxygen Cylinder Holders

NYOrtho offers a variety of oxygen cylinder holders to provide convenient storage of multiple units and mobility options.

Oxygen Cylinder Holder 9546

Oxygen Cylinder Holder 9546

NYOrtho Oxygen Cylinder Holder

For patients on the go that require oxygen, the Wheelchair Oxygen Cylinder Holder safely and comfortably stores your patient's oxygen tank off center behind the wheelchair back to avoid interference with the wheelchair user's head or back. Adjustable straps accommodate all wheelchair widths.


  • Economical alternative to steel tank holders
  • Adjustable straps position the tank off center avoiding patient's head or back
  • Made of easy-to-clean, heavy-duty waterproof nylon
  • Attaches with easy-to-adjust quick-release buckles
  • Dimensions: 27¼”L x 7½”W
  • Fits Size E (M24) cylinders

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Standard Sizes

Size Dimensions Unit Model
Size E Tank 27¼" x 7½" Each 9546