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Bedside Safety Mats

Made from high-impact foam, Bedside Safety Mats help reduce the possibility of impact related injuries and provide full-length coverage of the bed exit area. Bi-fold design easily slides under the bed when not in use and a beveled edge is available to accommodate wheelchairs. Each safety mat features fire-resistant properties. Designed with a skid-resistant bottom that prevents slipping and aids in ambulation, an enhanced Sure-Grip option is available that secures the mat to most floor surfaces. Available in two fabric options.

NYOrtho FALLSHIELD Bi-Fold Bedside Safety Mat 9576

NYOrtho FALLSHIELD™ Bi-Fold Bedside Safety Mat

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Tri-fold Bedside Safety Mat 9579TR

NYOrtho TRI-Fold Bedside Mat 3-Ply Vinyl

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Bedside Safety Mat 9570

NYOrtho Bedside Safety Mat

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