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SURE-CHEK™ Cushion Covers

SURE-CHEK™ fabric wheel-chair cushion covers provide the very best in incontinence protection without compromise.

  • FLAME RESISTANT: All Sure-Chek healthcare fabrics are flame resistant and self- extinguish when a source flame is removed.
  • ANTIMICROBIAL FABRIC PROTECTION: The antimicrobial agent helps protect the fabric from microbial attack and reduces undesirable organic odors.
  • THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY: Sure-Chek healthcare fabrics all perform within a desirable range for patient comfort without sacrificing important technical performance benefits. 
  • FLUID PROOF & MOISTURE VAPOR TRANSMISSION: All Sure-Chek healthcare fabrics are fluid and moisture proof, reducing the risk of contamination of the mattress from liquids or bodily fluids.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC: Sure-Chek healthcare fabrics have been engineered to be hypoallergenic and comfortable for the user.

Simply order the wheelchair cushion of your choice from our APEX™, APEX CORE™, or NYOrtho Series and add "SC" to the prefix of the model number. We will customize any wheelchair cushion of your choice with a SURE-CHEK™ cover.