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Wheelchair Accessories

NYOrtho Wheelchair & Geri-chair accessories provide for resident protection and comfortable seating.

Economy Smokers Apron 9530 / 9531

Economy Smokers Apron 9530 / 9531

NYOrtho Smokers Apron

Ideal for patients requiring a protective covering to shield against a burning match or lit cigarette, while accommodating patient/resident rights.


RECOMMENDED USE: Facilities needing to safeguard patients against possible burns from smoking materials and flame.

  • Certified flame-retardant fabric meets NFPA 701
  • Fire proof apron cannot be ignited by a cigarette, cigar or burning match
  • Velcro side straps prevent cigarettes and ashes from falling between resident and the wheelchair
  • Wipe clean, lightweight and fold-able 
  • Available over sized for Geri-chair (9531)
  • Universal sizing

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Standard Sizes

Size Unit Style Model
30" x 34" Each Wheelchair 9530
30" x 44" Each Geri-Chair 9531