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Gait / Transfer Belts

Gait / Transfer belts assist with the safe transfer and ambulation of patients, as well as prevent caregiver back injuries by providing a leveraged hold on the patient.

Deluxe Gait Belt 9507

NYOrtho Deluxe Gait Belt

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NYOrtho Multi Color Gait Belts 9503

NYOrtho Multi-Color Gait Belts

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Stars & Stripes Gait Belt 9503S

NYOrtho Stars & Stripes Gait Belt

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Navy Gait Belt 9503N

NYOrtho Navy Gait Belt

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Natural Gait Belt 9503W

NYOrtho Economy Gait Belt

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Quick-Release Gait Belts

NYOrtho Quick-Release Gait Belts

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