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Wound Management

NYOrtho offers a wide range of wound management products that help meet a variety of patient needs and are intended for use in conjunction with dermal ulcer prevention. NYOrtho’s line of pressure redistribution products can be used to help protect a patient’s elbows, heels and toes.

Zero-G Products

Suspension Boots & Cushions

Creates a zero pressure environment, providing relief from, and preventing pressure sores.

Quilted Heel & Elbow Protectors

Quilted Heel & Elbow Protectors

Helps provide comfort and protection to sensitive skin, providing relief to pressure sores.

Economy Heel & Elbow Protectors

Economy Heel & Elbow Protectors

Helps provide comfort and warmth for patients with sensitive skin.

Skin Sleeves

Protective Skin Sleeves

A non-compression skin covering that protect your patient’s fragile skin from tears, bruises and abrasions.