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Suspension Boots & Cushions

The NYOrtho ZERO-G line is aggressively designed to eliminate pressure and friction to the skin, creating a ZERO pressure environment, providing relief from, and preventing pressure sores.

Zero-G Boot 9518

Zero-G Boot 9518

Zero-G Boot 9518 (Interior Shot)

NYOrtho ZERO-G Boot™

The NYOrtho ZERO-G Boot™ combines an aggressive design with hi-performance fabrics to eliminate pressure and friction to the skin.

There are many look alikes but only one brand features an ANTIMICROBIAL FABRIC. We've made our product stand out from the pack and changed the color of our popular Zero-G Boot so you won't make a mistake and buy an inferior product.

People produce perspiration during all life situations. This is an ideal culture for the growth of bacteria. The sanitized hygiene function acts like a built-in deodorant and effectively prevents the development of bacteria on fabric, even during heavy perspiration.


RECOMMENDED USE: Individuals unable to avoid long periods of uninterrupted pressure over bony prominences are at increased risk for the development of necrosis and ulceration.

  • Extended and cushioned design floats the heel over an air cavity for ZERO pressure and provides air circulation to aid the healing of existing ulcers.
  • SUPER-SOFT VELVET cloth protects thin fragile skin from tears caused by trauma, reducing friction and shear.
  • A removable GEL-PACK may be utilized to further lower pressure beneath the ankle and keeps feet cool
  • Foam cushioned sides protect lateral and medial malleoli - bony prominence on both sides of the ankle.
  • Features an adaptable strap that permits this device to be secured at two alternate positions. Lower position controls dorsiflexion.
  • Padded hook and loop closure allow easy application and removal.

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Standard Sizes

Size Fits Width Unit Model
Small Petite Adult / Pediatric 3" Each 9518-S
Medium Average Adult 4" Each 9518-M
Large Large Adult / Bariatric 5" Each 9518-L
Replacement Gel-Pack 9518, 9518AIR, 9518P 4" x 8" Each FA-GEL-4x8
Washing Machine Bag 9518, 9518AIR, 9518P Each 9518-BAG