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Suspension Boots & Cushions

The NYOrtho ZERO-G line is aggressively designed to eliminate pressure and friction to the skin, creating a ZERO pressure environment, providing relief from, and preventing pressure sores.

Zero-G Boot AIR 9518AIR

Zero-G Boot AIR 9518AIR

NYOrtho Zero-G Boot AIR™

The NYOrtho ZERO-G Boot AIR™ combines craftsmanship and innovation providing a lighter, low-profile, more comfortable design utilizing hi-performance spacer fabrics and foams to help eliminate pressure and friction to the skin while suspending the heel and bony prominence on both sides of the ankle. 

ANTIMICROBIAL FABRIC - NO ODOR, NO BACTERIA: THANKS TO THE BUILT-IN HYGIENE FUNCTION. People produce perspiration during all life situations. This is an ideal culture for the growth of bacteria. The sanitized hygiene function acts like a built-in deodorant and effectively prevents the development of bacteria on fabric, even during heavy perspiration.


RECOMMENDED USE: Individuals unable to avoid long periods of uninterrupted pressure over bony prominences are at increased risk for the development of necrosis and ulceration.

  • Extended and cushioned design floats the heel and malleoli over air cavities for ZERO pressure
  • SUPER-SOFT VELVET cloth protects thin fragile skin from tears caused by trauma, reducing friction and shear
  • Hi-performance SPACER FABRIC provides air circulation to aid the healing of existing ulcers while providing cool comfort
  • A removable GEL-PACK may be utilized to further lower pressure beneath the ankle, keeping feet cool
  • Open-form design protects and floats lateral and medial malleoli - bony prominence on both sides of the ankle
  • Padded hook and loop closure allow easy application and removal

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Standard Sizes

Size Fits Width Unit Model
Small Petite Adult / Pediatric 3" Each 9518AIR-S
Medium Average Adult 4" Each 9518AIR-M
Large Large Adult / Bariatric 5" Each 9518AIR-L
Replacement Gel-Pack 9518, 9518AIR, 9518P 4" x 8" Each FA-GEL-4x8