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Suspension Boots & Cushions

The NYOrtho ZERO-G line is aggressively designed to eliminate pressure and friction to the skin, creating a ZERO pressure environment, providing relief from, and preventing pressure sores.

Zero-G Heel Pillow ULTRA 9902

Zero-G Heel Pillow ULTRA 9902

Zero-G Heel Pillow ULTRA 9902

Zero-G Heel Pillow ULTRA 9901


NYOrtho Zero-G Heel Pillow Ultra™

The NYOrtho ZERO-G Heel Pillow ULTRA™ transforms everyday therapy providing exceptional support and comfort with a new contoured design that conforms to the body's natural position while off-loading the heel into the air. The ULTRA provides a more relaxing experience promoting patient position, thereby preventing, and providing relief from pressure sores.


RECOMMENDED USE: Individuals unable to avoid long periods of uninterrupted pressure over bony prominences are at increased risk for the development of necrosis and ulceration.

  • New ULTRA design provides increased comfort and rest while preserving patient position
  • Cushioned design off-loads heels into air, preventing and providing relief from pressure sores
  • Can be positioned in either direction to maintain slightly lifted or lowered position of the heel while providing abduction
  • Convoluted surface securely and comfortably positions both legs, relaxing the spine and decreasing lower back pain
  • Breathable, low-shear, stretch cover with antimicrobial protection reduces friction
  • Slip resistant bottom prevents sliding
  • Wipes clean for convenient care
  • Double leg dimensions: 24’’ x 17’’ x 4¾’’ x 3½’’
  • Single leg dimensions: 12’’ x 17’’ x 4¾’’ x 3½’’
  • Meets CA 117-2013 standards

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Standard Sizes

Size Unit Type Model
24"x17"x4¾"x3½" Each Double Leg 9902
12"x17"x4¾"x3½" Each Single Leg 9901